Monday, March 7, 2011

Micro-Streamers for Early Season Bass

"Sure can't wait for Spring and bass fishing!" How many times do you hear your fishing buddies say that as it is dumping snow in the first week of March? "About a month away" they will tell you. Bullshit. Largemouth bass will feed under the ice...they just move slower.

Patrick Knackendoffel gave me a call the other day and wanted to go catch a bass or two. I thought he was being a bit premature, but humored him anyway. He picked me up and we then preceded to drive around Boulder County looking for open water. None of the ponds he knew of were clear, so we went a little "Mike Iaconelli" and drove into the city of Boulder and found some culverts and drainage ponds with some open water. Most were only half iced off, but we would cast a tiny baitfish fly onto the ice then pull it off the ice and fish it as slow as possible. And we got bass!

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