Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tale from the Taylor River

Contributed by Ben Schloesser

In the second week of April my little brother was looking at colleges, so as soon we raced through some tours on the front range we headed up to the Taylor. This hen was hooked in the deep run just above the bridge. Saw it flash 10 feet directly upstream of me and got my heart going right away. It thankfully took my large weighted stone fly on my stone-mysis-mysis rig on the first pass. The fish went airborne (fully out of the water) 3 times, and there was less than 20 feet of fly line off my rod tip the whole fight. I usually save describing fish as 'beautiful' or 'pretty' when that's all they have going for them. At 28 inches, the fish was big and had many options for adjectives, but pretty came to mind right away.

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