Monday, February 7, 2011

Fly Shop Dirt Bags

Attention all fly shops! And I do mean ALL fly shops! There is an active crime spree...targeting small fly shops specifically. There are four people in this ring, two men and two women. The men engage any shop employee, while the women break down as many as 4 high-end fly rods, hide them under a long coat and leave the store. They are all in their late 20's to early 30's, dark/olive complected and speak English with a foreign accent. They have hit many fly shops already in the past week. They are traveling in a very new maroon Volkswagen Jetta (van?) with Illinois plates (K714248). They hail from Rockford, Illinois. The names of the two women are Zofia Zdanowska and Anna Aduba. The photo was taken at a fly shop in Longmont, Colorado two days ago.... PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERY FLY SHOP AND FISHERMAN YOU KNOW!
BREAKING NEWS! (Monday 5:41pm) Longmont PD just reported a VXP fly rod, a bamboo fly rod and a Sharkskin line found in a duffel bag in Longmont!

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