Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome To The Dark Side (Another "First Carp" Story!)

Written and Contributed by Brian Shepherd

My brother and I met one of my fly fishing buddies at a lake in the Broomfield/Westminster area. My buddy had recently sent a photo of a massive carp that he landed so I knew we were in for some fun.

I woke up early that morning and quickly tied up some Backstabbers and other crawdad patterns. We suited up and were on the water by 7am. In addition to the water being somewhat murky, it was an exceptionally windy day; which made it initially difficult to see carp (and to cast with any measure of precision and grace). We eventually spotted some carp jumping out of the water so we approached and threw some crawdad patterns. No action and the carp seemed to have moved on.

I switched to a black Bouface streamer (Barr's version) and started working the edge of a weed line. After a few strips, I felt that unmistakable tug on the line and set the hook. Instead of a carp on the other end, there was a nice largemouth bass.

We moved on to a part of the lake that was somewhat sheltered from the wind and spotted a few carp tailing in the flats. We chased a few into the thick weeds where they likely stayed the rest of the day. I began working the edge of some cat tails with some long casts with the same Bouface streamer. I was about to move on when I saw bubbles come to the surface and an almost undetectable shape that was only slightly darker than the murky water. Without blinking an eye, I cast the fly to the right of the shadowy figure (this happened to be the side where his mouth was) and in a split second it was fish on.

I had my Sage 5 weight trout rod so I let him run as often as he wanted to. After 8 minutes of incredible battle and multiple runs after getting him close, the carp finally relented and let me get a photo of him before sending him back to the flats.

Looking forward to my next redneck bonefishing adventure!

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