Friday, June 22, 2012

Bona Fide (The Carp Fishing is Good!)

Made in good faith without fraud or deceit...made with earnest intent...neither specious nor counterfeit... The carp fishing is really good right now. Seriously. We Colorado fly fishers may be having a ton of things stacking against us this snow pack, no water, too warm of water (the Yampa River just closed to fishing!) and a solid third of the state is apparently on fire. I won't lie, these conditions are not fun. My home is at 7,750 feet in elevation up a sparely populated canyon and I live day-to-day with an eye for smoke on the horizon. But, like living in the inner city, a war zone or grizzly bear country, it adds a certain sense of seriousness to an otherwise bland existence. A charge in the air. A steady stream of adrenaline into the veins of a once comatose patient. It's fun to live on the edge...until--of course--you get mugged, shot, mauled or burned alive in your cabin. But it does not spell doom and gloom across the board. The local carp flats are low and wide...and the water is warm and the carp are hungry. It takes a lot of bugs and leeches to keep a ten pound carp fat, ya know. So, stock up on some of your favorite carp flies (by that I mean Backstabbers in black or grey minnow) and see ya out there on the mud flat!

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