Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain Anglers Hosts The Frenzy!

Rocky Mountain Anglers was pleased to be the morning meeting spot as well as the mid-day rally point for the "Rocky Mountain Frenzy". This was day two of the 3-day fly fishing blogger meet-n-greet here in Colorado. Present was Dave Goodrich (Back Country Fish Nerd) Sean Sanders (Up The Poudre) Erin Block (Mysteries Internal) Howard Levett (Wind Knots & Tangled Lines) Kyle Perkins (Compleat Thought) Emily Blankenship (River Damsel) Larry Snyder (Fly Fish Crazy) Gary Thompson (Silk Lines & Paper Hulls) Andy Suttoff (AJSutts Blog) and Jen Kugler (Fly Fishilicious)


  1. Wow.... what an honor, to be included in this group!

  2. Thank you for the fly suggestions Jay - they did me well this weekend. So glad to meet everyone and have fun fishing!

  3. Wish I still lived there so I could have dropped in! :(