Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love me them Sonic Pros

Sound out the word, Jay…Not Gni? No Tgnid… Oh, wait! I gotta say, I have not raved about a pair of waders in a long time. I have worn all the fancy, high-priced breathable chest waders—the $700 Simms. And they all have leaked by the end of their first season. Every single one of ‘em. Sometimes they would leak after month one on the front lines! Sure, I am rough on my gear. I throw temper tantrums and snap high-end rods on snags. I drive over reels and use fly boxes as hammers. And slide down canyons and body breach mined-wire obstacles in brand new waders. But that’s my job. What I am paid to do. Yup…be dumb with expensive stuff. Now when a customer comes into the fly shop and asks, I can tell them. Nope. Not worth the price tag. Bloody things have nothin’ but tape on the inside…

So that is how I found myself in a pair of $250 Redington Sonic Pro Waders this season. My thinking was this: If $700 waders leak after one year, then why not get less expensive ones and beat them like a farm truck and be done with them?  Conclusion? Season One…NOT EVEN A PIN PRICK LEAK!


  1. Get Erin a pair! Yes sometimes good old workmanship and sticking with what has always work beats out the new newfangled ways of doing things.


  2. I'm all about beating the cheap into the ground. Since Redington is always good value/quality, these waders will likely be my next pair (once I waste the cheap field and stream pair I have.....which aren't leaking yet @ $120 and a year of abuse).

  3. I was torn (no pun intended) between those and the Simm's Freestones and settled for the Simm's for $50 less. No leaks yet, and I'm very rough on gear and use it constantly. Still, you make a powerful argument my friend. I'll know by spring if I made the wrong choice.

  4. Sounds good Jay. I wore a pair of Hodgeman 3mm neoprene waders for about 7 years before they finally just started coming apart. Never did leak - but the pockets and reinforced knees unraveled and then I poked a hole in them on accident (but not on the water). I replaced 'em with a pair of Hodgeman breathables that, knock on wood, haven't leaked yet, despite doing some stupid stuff in them.

    Some stuff is just a waste of cash - like $700 waders. If you're gonna drop 7 bills on fishing gear, I'd be getting a Sage One instead.

  5. Reading upside down is hard! Gni? Tgnid? Dngt?

  6. I've had the exact same problem over the years. The Cabela's Guide Series bought in May, crotch leak already. To be fair, I have worn them around 60 times since then and I don't wade gently.

    Gave up on the expensive ones years ago using the same logic. Nothing lasts a whole season regardless of name or price.

    I have been eyeballing the ads for those all summer.

    How's the sweat factor? Pretty breathable?

  7. Sweat factor. Good question. As far as I can tell they are as good as/better than most. Have done some crazy hikes/fishing trips while in them and been good. However, most of my 90-100 degree carp days are not spent in chest waders. Hey...here's to "not wading gently" brother! I like it!