Friday, March 16, 2012

Boulder Creek Opening Up

Boulder Creek is opening up farther and farther into the canyon with every warm day. As of yesterday the creek was open and free of too much snow well past the tunnel. The water is still low and there will be some shelf ice to contend with but the deeper pools--where all the trout will be holding--are wide open. Use small subsurface flies such as Poison Tungs and Zebra Midges for best results. By the way...the 2012 fishing licences are on sale now. Your 2011 one is still good until the end of the month, but you may as well pop into your local fly shop to get the new one. Randy or myself at Rocky Mountain Anglers will gladly print you a new license if you are passing through Boulder. We are the last fly shop in town that still does fishing licences (our competitor lost their licensing privileges for the next two years for attempting to defraud the Colorado Division of, snap!) So, stop in and get licensed up...pick up a few flies and have our experienced staff check out your gear before heading out. I promise you will get help from a real live fly fisherman...not just an unpaid intern! Awwww...double snap!

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