Friday, May 22, 2009

Adams & Leech

Yeah, sure...sounds like a law firm advertising on daytime television. "Were you in an automobile accident over a decade ago and are now experiencing slight lower back pain? Call us!"

But seriously. Try this rig on for Adams dry fly with a small, sparse leech pattern dropped off the back end. Use about 12 to 14 inches of 5x tippet tied to the bend of your dry. This allows you to double your Time On Target (to use a military term) during each drift. Cast quartering up stream and let the rig drift past you the same way you would with any dry/dropper. Only with this one keep the flies in the water once they reach the end of their natural drift. When the dry fly starts to drag against the current the leech will come to life! Be sure to use a leech pattern with little to no weight. This prevents the sinking of a small dry fly. If you feel you want the leech to sink a bit quicker, try applying Henery's Sinket, or some other type of fly wetting agent. The leech patterns I tie for this application are about as simple as a fly can get...just use one small tuft of black marabou. Tie it in at the rear of the hook shank to form the tail, leaving an extra long marabou butt section, which you wrap up the hook shank and tie off behind the eye of the hook. Fast and easy!

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