Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Buy Jay Zimmerman's flies online! Click Here! By all means, support your local fly shops. They are the ones who can help you out in a jam and where you get all the best advice...but if they don't carry cutting-edge patterns such as the Clown Shoe Caddis and Geezus Lizard are some spots on the interweb!

Watch Fly Fishing on YouTube! Click Here! Jay Zimmerman films a diverse array of local fly fishing. Always entertaining!

Fly Fishing Stories & Essays Click Here! Enjoy a healthy library of highly entertaining (and occasionally edgy) short stories and essays about our sport and the lifestyles surrounding the industry of fly fishing.

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Fly Fishing Instruction Click Here! Learn some tricks of the trade from the pros! Brush up on skills as basic as rigging a dry/dropper trout rig to the intricacies of carp fishing! You are bound to pick up something new to strengthen your game...

Fly Fishing Books & DVDs Reviewed by Jay Zimmerman Click Here! Read Jay's occasionally delusional opinions and off-the-cuff impressions of many recently published books and DVDs. Both instructional and literary titles are embraced...

Fly Tying Instruction Click Here! Learn to tie many of Jay Zimmerman's original fly designs, such as the Clown Shoe Caddis, Banksia Bug, Backstabber and always popular Geezus Lizard! Also many other helpful lessons on streamer design and using UV glue and lights in fly tying...

Fly Fishing Poetry Click Here!

Sometimes Shiners Will Have To Do…
Arctic Rose (...ten years deep)

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