Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fly Tying (With Common Household Materials)

"Jay Fullum is one of Fly Tyer magazine's most beloved authors. His regular column, titled "Creative Tying," is a favorite with our readers."--David Klausmeyer, Editor Fly Tyer

Seriously...this is a great addition to your fly tying book library. It will stand out amongst the more conventional tying how-tos. Jay Fullum goes into detail about some real cool (and cheap!) everyday materials you probably already have laying around down in the basement...you know, "organized" loosely on that unfinished wooden Home Depot shelving you got right after you moved in. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Jay has chapters on plastic bags, foam packing material, weatherseal, embroidery floss, fake fingernails, paintbrushes and hair brushes. Lots of stuff. I love it. But, the thing I may love the most about this book is what this book can do emotionally to a beginning tyer. It erases this notion that a good fly has to be made with very specific ingredients. These are not tiny magic spells we are creating on a hook shank...they are tools of the sport of fishing. That is all. And you can use whatever works for you at the time. So, yeah...order a copy.

Lyons Press $21.95 Click Here!


  1. My Dog's black coat makes some excellent tail fiber material. Talked to a guy who was making 'chewy crane fly larvae' out of condoms! Creativity and the hunt for 'one's own design' makes the game so much more personal and satisfying.


  2. Hmmm, out of condoms? That pretty much says a lot about the guy. Sounds like he might need to step away from the bench, get out of the house, and use those condoms for their intended purpose. Ha. Seriously, I think I'll have to look into this book...I don't use condoms either.

  3. You mean that demonstration I watched a few weeks ago wasn't magic? I want my money back.

  4. What you were sitting next to is...not what you were there to watch, Howard.

  5. Glad this guy has written a book about using household items for fly-tying materials. Must admit, there have been times when cleaning out the gray lint from my clothes dryer and thinking, "man that looks and feels a lot like gray superfine dubbing". But then I tell myself to just stop imagining that every conceivable inanimate object can be used for fly tying...

  6. I knew a guy once who would buy sweaters of certain shades...with that in mind!

  7. new streamer idea...
    "the cosby sweater sculpin"
    comes in a wide variety of colors!


    re: lint. The kind from your belly button also contains 'leggy' hairs.

  8. I don't know, bro... (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cosby+sweater)

  9. Forgot about that definition!
    New fly names based on the same dictionary 'donkey punch streamer'
    'Cleveland Steamer streamer'
    'siberian goggles winter midge'
    'chili-dog dry'

    PS don't look these up unless you have a strong stomach!