Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Skinny Water Carp (i.e. Late Season)

As a fly fisherman I look forward to Autumn. Not because the aspens are changing up the canyon, or the Kokanee or the big browns running up the Dream Stream...but because the carp fishing is always at its best. There are several reason the local carp fishing will improve later in the season. The nights are getting cooler, thus the water temperature is steadily dropping. These cooler water temps mean less bug and critter activity...the bitty creatures are beginning to go dormant for longer periods of time every day. Less of this means carp are needing to hunt for food longer--so it is much more probable you will find hungry and vulnerable fish. Approach the mud flats cautiously and try to get as close to the wallowing carp as you can. (Proper colored clothing helps!) They will often be very easy to spot...because they will be up in water so shallow their backs will all be out of the water. But, cautious! You need to get in close and make a short, but accurate cast past them and twitch the fly past their nose. Keep your rod tip high so the leader doesn't touch their back!


  1. Guess I need to get back out and hit my local carp flats a couple more times before the water starts to get hard. I was actually thinking just the opposite , that the cooler water temps might hinder their feeding activity. Just goes to show what I know!!

  2. Aaaah...but for some places IT DOES HINDER! Ya just never friggin' know with these fish! Good luck!

  3. Most of my stillwater places it seems to be hindering...I am getting it handed to me lately!