Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothin’ But Blue Skies

Oh, there were blue skies on Memorial day, too…but the wind was putting whitecaps on one of my favorite carp flats. There were a few families attempting barbecues in the nearby park. A sad parade of comedy, really. Small children and cooking utensils were being blown away. Lap dogs whipping around like flags on their tethers. I did manage to land one good carp, but it didn't seem to take the edge off the constant aggravation. BUT, the day after Memorial day...well! Nothin' but blue skies, a slight breeze...and hot out! And I had that day off, too. Who could believe my luck? I had seen plenty of fish activity the day before (just couldn't cast a fly against the wind) so I knew right were I was going. Back to the park! Avenge myself...and maybe rescue some of the little kids and dogs from atop trees. You know, be the hero.

Just as I was loading my "assault pack" into the truck I get a call from an old friend, Rob Chapin. He was just at that moment wadering up on Boulder Creek. So I convinced him to exchange the three weight for the six and join me for some fun in the mud and the sun. And the day was good. I got sunburt and borderline heat stroke...but the carp were willing to take a wine Backstabber so I saw my backing on several occasions! Rob's a medic, so I wasn't too worried (he had been covering the Boulder Bolder 10k the day before and had said this was one of the first years in a long time with no heart reply was something along the lines of, "well, that sort of takes the excitment away, huh?" He just shook his head at me. So, there ya go, Boulder. Be glad you have Rob looking out for ya and not me. But, come on! It is like the Daytona 500 with no trading of the paint! Somebody gots to go down. Just the way it is.

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