Monday, May 24, 2010

Warmer Water Brings Better Bass

We finally got more than three days in a row of nice, sunny weather. This is what we have been waiting for…whatever it takes to get the local lakes up into the mid 50’s. I took water temps at some of my favorite carp and bass lakes yesterday and most were hovering nicely around 55-56 degrees. These are the water temps I usually am waiting for in the early season. They signify the onset of potentially good warm water fishing.

During my day off I was able to find some semi-active carp, but most were hesitant to move far for a fly. I did, however, find some good largemouth bass moving into shallow water (pre-spawn) staking out their territory. There are a bunch of small bluegill and perch active as well, so it is putting these bass in a fairly aggressive mood. I threw baitfish patterned such as the Bellyache Minnow and some larger bass flies like the Geezus Lizard (pictured in mouth of bass) with good luck.

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