Monday, July 6, 2009

Prime Rib on 2x

Many fishermen claim that Fall is the season for throwing the big, gaudy streamers (and it certainly is) but even now I will always carry a few heavy leech and sculpin imitations. Often, I will move up a river working a dry, or dry/dropper and then turn around and fish a streamer down stream through a particularly juicy stretch. This trick can trigger a strike from some of the fish you missed with the dry or nymph, but also lure out some of the larger resident fish (you know, the one that lives deep under the undercut and only comes out at night...or if an irresistible slab of prime rib limps past!) Be sure to switch to a very stout leader. The strike will not be subtle! My favorite fly is the black is good and heavy and is tied with a ton of rabbit. Looks ever so sexy moving through the water.

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