Saturday, March 28, 2009

Banksia Bug (Step by Step)

Step 1 Put appropriate sized black tungsten bead on TMC 200R hook (size 7/64 bead on #14 hook). To tie the Basalt version use a TMC 2499SP-BL hook.
Step 2 Using Lt. Cahill 6/0 Uni-Thread tie in both X-Small black UTC Ultra Wire and Small olive UTC Ultra Wire. Apply small amount of head cement to the wires to “marry” them together.
Step 3  Build a fat butt of the abdomen with the Lt. Cahill thread, then tie off and trim.
 Step 4 Switch to olive Lagartun or UTC thread and continue building up the tapered abdomen, leaving a small amount of the light yellow butt exposed.
 Step 5 Wrap the duel wires forward and tie off behind the black bead and trim both thread and wire.
 Step 6 Coat entire abdomen with a liberal amount of Loon UV Knot Sense and set using UV light. This will immediately set up hard, but may have a slightly matt finish, so coat with thin layer of Hard-as-Hull head cement.
Step 7 Tie on legs using 3 or 4 fibers of Gadwall flank feather on either side.
 Step 8 Tie in some exceptionally bushy, dark grey ostrich herl and wrap forward.
 Step 9 Create small dubbing rope using Dave Whitlock SLF Hellgrammite.
Step 10 Wrap dubbing rope up to the black bead and whip finish. Apply small amount of head cement over knot.

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